School of Rock – Day 14 – Voice, Preparation, and Presentation


Today I finished up the Leadership project by turning in a recording of me playing slide guitar. I din’t work on anything other than that but it was still a fulfilling day.



My goal was to play Crossroad Blues by Robert Johnson on slide guitar. Previously I had a goal to make a recording on Sound Trap but that project never came to fruition. In the end my main focus was learning this song and playing it for the class.

Leadership Project (SMART Goal Evidence)

For the past week I have been working on playing Crossroad Blues on slide guitar. This is a great song that I’ve enjoyed for a while and though it would be fun to learn.

In earlier blogs I documented my daily progress by uploading a video of me playing the song. The quality of each “performance” increased each day and showed that I was learning and progressing with my guitar playing skills.

Below I have linked my final product, which consists of me playing the first two verses of the song. I didn’t feel comfortable enough playing the full song and I felt that the best way to show my work was uploading the beginning of the song that I was most familiar with.

I inserted my first and final uploads of my work here. My final product is the one above and the bottom video, labeled “Crossroads practice”, is from when I began learning the song and uploaded a video to show progress.


Today I turned in my final recording of Crossroad Blues, which was very relieving and nice to kind of be done with. I plan to keep working on it but now I don’t have a deadline. I would say that I learned how enjoyable it is to work hard at something and then be able to finish it and feel like you accomplished something. It was just a song but I’ve been playing it a lot recently and it’s been nice to know that I completed it.


Content (The WHAT)

Rating: OK  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  – HIGHLY ENGAGED

Rating: 5

I’m feeling very good about my song now. I think I have gotten much better about it and I put in a lot of practice today which was fun.

Process (The HOW)

Rating: OK  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  – HIGHLY ENGAGED

Rating: 4

I spent the whole time on the Leadership project which is what has been interesting me the most this past week.

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