School of Rock – Day 9 – Workflow


Today I watched some videos on songs I like as well as learned how to screen record to document my work.


This is the link to my video, the video for uploading from youtube wasn’t working so I just did this.


My computer keeps linking the wrong video, idk how to fix it, this is supposed to be a Tom Petty, I won’t Back Down, video. Anyway, Beato does a great job of dissecting this song. The drum section is a combination of programmed drum parts and real snare. I saw something in the chorus that was talked about in a previous video. The verse is very simple right before the chorus, but then that comes in super strong with harmony and very fast guitar rhythm. Not only that, but the chorus uses dissonance to build up the tension in the chorus which resolves into a more calm part at the end.

I also watched Beato’s video on Touch Me by the Doors, which is a song that I love. It combines rock with an awesome orchestra part as well as horns and it is a great mix. The intro is one chord with a climbing scale above it to build up the tension towards the verse. I think one thing that is awesome about the Doors is Morrison is such a great singer that the songs feel complete without any backup or harmony vocals. The organ does harmonize with the horns in a really great way.


In these videos, Friedemann shows how to come up with lyrics that can be meaningful and use contrast to give some depth to the song. I think that lyrics are sometimes overlooked in a song and we think that the main focus is the melody/harmony, but lyrics can definitely have a big impact on the audience and that’s why I chose these videos (I’m still having problems linking videos). With the cards that he has, Friedemann shows how using contrast of emotions in the chorus and verse make the song powerful. One of the cards had sad/happy written on it, he advised a sad verse that builds up to the happy chorus, which is a technique I’ve heard in many songs.

This is not the correct link. I watched Friedemann’s video My Top 5 Chord Progressions. His first one is using the 1 chord and variations of it. Of course this seems crazy but he shows some punk songs that follow one chord and I’ve definitely heard some songs like that. Another one is the 6-4 chord progressions, also simple but more depth than a single chord progression. 6-1-2-5 is getting more complex, that’s one that he explains to enjoy a lot. 1-4-2-5 is one that I’ve seen a lot and played songs with that progression, I like it a lot and think it has some contrast between the chords.


I learned about screen recording my work to document how my learning is going. I also continued some musical theory work as well as looking into the format and structure of songs that I enjoy. I slightly struggled with using Screencastify but I rewatched the videos and figured out how to record my work. I didn’t feel like I had anything to show so I made a 24 bar song on SoundTrap and showed the work I had done with the screen recording.


Content (The WHAT)

Rating: OK  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  – HIGHLY ENGAGED

Rating: 4

The music theory as well as recording some music was fun.

Process (The HOW)

Rating: OK  – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  – HIGHLY ENGAGED

Rating: 4

I’ve really been enjoying the videos about song structure.

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